The Blog:

EL BLOG is a potpourri of all things Ellery.  This includes, in no particular order, posts about:

  • Social media
  • Startups/Entrepreneurship
  • Advertising
  • Cause Marketing
  • Sustainability
  • Music
  • The occasional rant about sports (primarily – making it that much more insufferable to most of you – Boston sports)
  • Cool things I find on the internet

Now that I look at it, that’s actually probably a pretty good representation of the order of the things I’ll post, except I’d probably move the last one up towards the top.

The Author:

Ellery is the social media manager at VerticalResponse, a leading provider of self-service email, social media, and event marketing services for small businesses. In this role, Ellery leads the strategy and execution of VerticalResponse’s own social media marketing as well as educating VerticalResponse customers on how best to leverage social media for their own marketing efforts.

Ellery holds an MBA with honors from Vanderbilt University and a Bachelor’s degree in photography and cultural anthropology from Hampshire College. He has worked as a marketing consultant with many companies, from early stage technology startups to multinational brands and everything in between. In a previous life Ellery was a photography producer in New York City, working in the fashion and advertising industries. Though his life is far less glamorous now, he assures us he is having much more fun. Ellery lives in San Francisco and enjoys geeking out on Twitter and dabbling as a part-time gourmand.

Looking for more? Start here.


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